Tuesday, September 01, 2009

skin careI CAN’T BELIEVE we are entering into last quarter of the 2009 already! Where did the time go?!

And….I can’t believe that in another 6mths.. I’ll be 41!!! Perhaps I should start recording moments of my life now on camcorder or something!

I really got to start taking care of myself eh.. more moisturizers, more facials, more natural organic beauty products and more body scrubs.. hahah.. yeap body scrub!

You see when I had my SGD10 trial session at the slimming center a few years back, the beauty therapist there told me in order for the skin to really absorb any treatment that is being put on it, it must be thoroughly scrubbed of any dirt and any dry and dead skin and the only way to really get it squeaky clean is by using a body scrub. So I’m scrubbing away.. and am slapping on the creams even as I’m typing this.. lol!

So enjoy your youth people, instead of buying more handbags, buy moisturizer instead and keep that skin moist ;)


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