Thursday, October 08, 2009

Do you know what is the best weight loss program for me is? Nope it’s not weight loss pills but rather it is STRESS. Yup! Nothing makes me lose weight than stress itself but not any kind of stress though. It has to be real personal stress because I actually thrive on work stress and since I’m not really in any personal stress situation right now.. I’m gaining weight! Yikes!

In 1999, when I was going through the most traumatic time of my life, when things were just not going my way, I lost 10kilos without even trying. It was so easy for me to miss my meals and still not feel hungry and when I do eat, it would be a meagre amount that even the stall owner would tease me saying “Eh no need to eat lah if so little like that” LOL!

Oh well.. those times are gone and I’ve gained back that 10 kilos.. boo hoo!! I need stress!! LOL!


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