Friday, October 02, 2009

These past few days have been hectic. Most of what we were doing were things that have been postponed due to the Raya festivities. For instance, I collected the pressies from Shemah and Marzie from two different post offices, brought Awan (for diarrhea) and Aggie (for her wet eczema) to the vet and collected Azwaj’s cheque from a government office.

True BloodThen of course, there’s my graphics/coding work for my clients and in between that I’ve been watching this great new show that we just gotten our hands on called “True Blood“.

The show is vampire-ish in nature so if you’re big into vampires and romance, like I am, then it would hit a home run with you as well. We are into the second season and each episode is a cliff hanger that makes us want more. I mean for sure the vampires could do with a services of a Plano cosmetic dentist but I must say Stephen Moyer makes an awesome vampire and the part where his character braved the sunlight to save his lady love was so touching that if I had not loved him before I would definitely would have started to love him then.. lol!!

Let me know if you’ve watched the show and what you thought about it ok :)

anna paquin and stephen moyerStephen Moyer (the vampire) and Anna Paquin (the lady love)
(reel romance and engaged in real life)


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