Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good news! I got my handphone repaired. According to the shop, what happened to Miss VB (yeah I named my phone), is a very common problem with this model, Sony Ericsson K850i. It is something to do with camera shutter switch. So what they did was to bypass it and everything is ok again.. ok again after RM180 poorer that is :(

worriedThen, this morning Miss Fly, my laptop, suddenly lost power and switched off by itself! When I rebooted her, she went on to do scan disk. I let it run and after she had finished, she restarted but again started to run the scan disk for the second time. After the third reboot and again attempting to run scan disk, I hit canceled and it went on to load windows..

Sigh.. I wonder what would be next? If this goes on, I need to get me insurance by the bulk probably from wholesaleinsurance.net.. lol!


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