Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A representative from a local bank called today asking to talk to me and starting yapping about this investment invite-only opportunity. My first question to her was “Err.. do you know that I am an foreigner and how did you get my name and number?”. She said yes, she knew I was a foreigner and that she got my name off some database (she talked so fast I didn’t catch the name). Anyway.. she went on to explain the investment and how most of her clients all invested RM100,000 and that they would all get RM200,000 after eight years or something to that effect. I actually switched off after the RM100,000 bit. I asked her what was the minimum investment she told me RM50,000.. hmm… I thanked her and told her I was not interested.

Wondering now, what database I’m on that lets these rep to think I got RM100,000 lying around.. hmm…


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