Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the past week now, I have a makeshift office space. When Miss Fly was at the shop, A had set up for me an old machine that is VERY slow and not totally equipped with the software that I was used to using. So there was no Twitter plugin, no MS Outlook and no Photoshop. So I was lazy to do anything. Besides this makeshift office space had me sitting on the floor with a cushion on my butt. It would suffice at the point as it let me watch my dvd marathon. After all I don’t need to type anything while watching dvd.

But now that it is coming to the second week and Miss Fly is no where near ok, I got TF installed along with some software that I liked. I even moved around my furniture (thank God for desk with wheels) so that I no longer needed to sit on the floor (my butt and back hurt from no support). I need to get back to work as not only am I getting frustrated, so are my clients!
HP is so gonna get a screaming from me tomorrow when I resend Miss Fly in and I am so gonna get a new desktop myself. What before would have been a luxury, now it has become a necessity! I was gonna buy a lovely Contemporary Jewelry which is a bracelet but oh well… next time!


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