Thursday, November 19, 2009

Very productive day today.

Though A still wasn’t feeling well, we still needed to go to Low Yatt to send a client’s laptop for repair. Then of course, there is the matter of me needing a new desktop to replace Miss Fly which, despite having been sent for repairs early last week, is still down.

So, YES, I got me a new desktop with a 20″ LCD monitor to match. A is setting it up with all the necessary software I would need for my work and hopefully it would get done soon though the poor dear is still sniffling away and I feel guilty for asking him to work. No pictures for now but once it is up and running and all nicely set up at my workstation, they’ll be plenty of pictures. LOL!

Hmm.. any suggestion for a name for my new and shiny desktop?

Oh by the way, I also got my cheque today from Advertlets.. so double yeay!!


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