Thursday, December 10, 2009

mpgI woke up today to start dropping my EC and noticed that MPG had a new post. I was able to only leave one comment when the whole page turned white. I refreshed and still the same problem persisted. I tried different browsers and still no luck. Then I checked Mariuca’s other blog and saw that there were some comments between her and Roxy about the issue, who was also having the same problem. Thinking that it was a random Blogspot problem, I didn’t think anymore about it again and just wait it out.

So when Mariuca woke up today and still found her blog down with white blank pages, we got to chatting and I started to google the issue. I found a forum that she also had found and we both noticed about the issue being rectified by removing a code from a paid to blog program called payingpost. I immediately set to task to check her template and true enough the code was there.

After removal, the MPG is once again her beautiful self :)


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