Saturday, December 12, 2009

We had a busy day today. No, it wasn’t because we were planning a vacation or looking for cheap hotels in orlando or anything like that (though that would be nice) but we were busy stocking up the fridge so me and mom have something to cook this week..heheh. We then had to buy cat food and cat liter. This was followed by a a visit to Mama’s place. I didn’t visit her on Friday since she was discharged and so since she is at home today, we planned to spend a few hours with her.

We only arrived home at around 5pm and both Azwaj and Mommy was so tired that they took a cat nap. As for me, I decided to stay awake and cook, surprising them with a piping hot dinner when they woke up!

squid veggie
Veggie Dish and Spicy Squid

Super LJ!!! Lol!


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