Thursday, January 28, 2010

As a lot of you know, my mama (mother-in-law) has lung cancer and brain tumor. Although she has gone for an operation to remove the cancer in May and gone through the radiotherapy for both the lung cancer and the brain tumor, her situation has not improved very much. Though during the last medical checkup, the doctor was impressed with her improvement and actually took her off the steroid, she is now getting weaker and rambling nonsense non-stop. She is keeping Abah (father-in-law) up all days and nights. Me, A and his siblings take turns looking after mama during the day but most times she wants abah and abah being the doting husband, always wants to be by her side.

fallNow Abah is not a strong man and carrying mama on and off the bed (when we are not around) for her to eat and use the portable toilet, can be quite taxing. We are always worried that sometimes in the process, both of them might fall down! This is where Medical Alert system like the the Fall Alert detector and the GPS Tracking Bracelet will come in handy. The first Medical Alert gadget, the Fall Alert, is suitable for home use in that in case there is any fall, it alerts emergency personnel that abah or mama have fallen and help can come immediately. The GPS Tracking has a two way speakerphone in that they can call for help should the need arise.

I thought both gadgets are super cool and would be appropriate in our situation and we would definitely bring it up with the rests of siblings. In the meantime, we just have to make sure Abah is not overworked and mama is comfortable by always being there and being on standby so with that.. I bid you bye bye for now and we have to buy them lunch!


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