Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The past few days have passed by in a blur.

I wake up, get dressed, went to Mama’s house, help out with her care for the day, helped around the house a bit and then leave about 9pm after dinner. Then once I arrive home, fed the kitties, clean the litter bin, try to get some work done online, TRY being the operative word of course, while trying to keep my eyes open. Then I crash into bed and my day starts again at 7am the next day. I haven’t called my mom in days!

It’s never easy taking care of a bed-ridden patient. It’s even more stressful than going to work. However, Mama needs all the support she can get in order to get better though putting on a smile and trying to be cheerful all the time can get taxing sometimes when you are dead tired.


Whatever don’t kill me only makes me stronger!

strong woman


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