Thursday, January 21, 2010

cleaningI got a call from Azwaj today while he was at Mama’s place. It seems Mama is tired of being stuck at home in bed all the time and wants to go somewhere outside, “Anywhere” she said. lol!

So Azwaj suggested that perhaps she can spend some time with us here at the apartment. No doubt, they’ll be plenty of stuff to lug here from the house to our place, like the portable loo and the bed with the allergy mattress covers and the of course Abah got to stay here, which means clothes and what not, but if it makes Mama happy.. why not right?

So the moment Azwaj called I went on my super LJ mode with the spring cleaning.. but guess what? Azwaj called two hours later saying that Abah had convinced Mama to just stay at the house instead. Too much trouble, he said, especially since Mama would probably want to go home in two or three days time!

Oh well.. at leat my apartment is super duper clean.. lol!


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