Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It’s not news that I don’t like gardening. It’s not that I don’t enjoyed the flowers or even the products of the garden, it’s just, well.. “because”. Anyway, I needed to buy chilli for my dinner today and upon hearing that Abah said why not grab some from his garden. After all since mama has been sick no one has used them and most of them have gone rotten.

So off I went with my little plastic bag to “harvest” the chilli. lol! Azwaj came along and he noticed that Abah’s garden had gone dry. Poor Abah have been so busy tending to mama that his garden had been neglected. Most of the pots have all gone dry. So Azwaj decided he would do some watering before we go home. Since it was such a big garden, I decided to help. Azwaj would do the one part and I would do the other part. I must say tt’s not such bad experience. I got to see Abah’s garden all the plants that he had and it’s quite a collection. He has chilli, lime, noni, pandan leaves, onion and lots more.. I wonder if he has anything in his garden that can be used as a natural eye wrinkle remover ;)

Enjoy the pictures!

Not sure what the name of the plant on the left (but pretty eh) and on the right is lime


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