Friday, January 29, 2010

While waiting for a client to review my design, I’m dropping EC, Adgitizing and, believe it or not, packing!

I usually have a checklist of all the stuff I need to bring along with me, like power adapter for my phone and my digital camera, my medicine pouch and headset for my laptop, Miss Fly, in case I wanted to play computer games or watch a dvd and don’t want to disturb mommy dearest.

This time, however, my packing list included some stuff that’s not mine. My mommy wanted me to bring over the excess stuff that she bought on her last visit here. One of them was this infant travel bed that she bought for my cousin’s daughter who’s due to give birth in March. Lucky for me, it’s compact and lightweight and can fit into my own traveling bag. In fact if I had a kids, this would be the perfect travel bed for my precious baby :)

Ok.. I leave you now while I seriously finished stuffing all these into my bag coz once the packing is done, I still have to do some research on prepaid internet service in Singapore. I heard that my prepaid phone provider has that service now though I got to buy a USB modem of some sort. Oh well… like I say.. more research :)


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