Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Each night that I spoke to Azwaj, our topic of conversation always revolve around Mama. It seems mama had not any seizure attack since that Thursday night but she did vomit on Sunday, possibility from the lack of food intake these past few days. She now, once again, has difficulty swallowing and she had to be fed very slowly. She is also becoming weak and in fact did not even wake up from her sleep, when some of her cousins visited her yesterday.

Abah is worried that he had called of his doctor friend to come and visit mama and give some prescription medicines and hopefully Mama’s condition would improve soon. According to the doctor, getting a specific proven brand name of medicine is important as most times there are some differences in the quality of the medicine. Generic prescription medicine may be cheaper and easier to be obtained (some can even be obtained off the shelves) but sometimes there might be undesirable side effects that might be harmful to the patients and cause more harm then good. .. and I totally agree.

For instance, when I had to use Ventolin often for my asthma, which was badly controlled one time, I was offered a generic one as the the pharmacist did not have the regular one that I used. I thought, since it was on the recommendation of the pharmacist, it would be fine. I was wrong. The Ventolin did not work at all. In fact even after taking a few more puffs then I was used too, I was still wheezing. Luckily for me, I had some last puffs from my regular Ventolin inhaler and I was saved. Otherwise… let just say.. I won’t even be seeing Mama now.

Anyway, I’m still worried about Mama and I might even be cutting my stay here in Singapore by a few days, that is if I can get all my things done on time! Still so many things to do!


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