Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have never been one to like the air conditioning. In fact, me and the air conditioning had always have a love-hate relationship. I love the cool air but I hate the stuffy nose that I would get when I sleep in air conditioned room. So I prefer the fan instead. However, ever since this hot weather persisted, the bedroom, which is facing the afternoon sun, have gotten even more hot and stuffy. I’m thinking that perhaps a humidifier might be necessary to clear the air of all this stuffiness caused by the heat. Besides it helps clear the air of bacteria and dust and that is always a good thing.

Speaking of dust, ever since Nina got that nasty fever, the kitties have been spending a lot of time in the human room, which only means one thing. More fur in the human room! So now I got to do a little more vacuuming than before. Thank goodness we don’t have carpets around the apartment, otherwise for sure I would have to steam and deep clean those as well, as if I don’t have anything else to do! lol!

Anyways, this weekend I have set aside some time to organize my bathroom. I have so many toiletries in there that I don’t know what is what. You know things like those body scrub to tone the body (which never works) and that extra moisturizing shampoo (that literally leaves your hair limp) just sort of accumulate over the months and then you realize you never did need them in the first place. But since there is still plenty of them left in the bottle, you sure don’t feel like you want to throw them away and kinda wish you had more organized storage space in the bathroom like those sold at!

Gosh! Now I feel like shopping there and who knows I may even get a tip of two from all those buyer’s guide they have at the site!


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