Thursday, February 04, 2010

It has been so hot lately that it sure feels like I’m on some jamaica vacations or something. I think living on a hilly area back home really spoilt me and I can’t take the heat very well nowadays.

Anyway, I had to renew my Singapore’s home fire insurance which expired recently. You got to love Singapore because it only cost me a premium of SGD3.10 for a period of five years. Of course it doesn’t cover the contents of my home but it covers repairs of up to SGD26,000 on all damages on HDB structures, which may cost a bomb!

I also went to my bank to settle the issue about my non-deliverance text message for my online banking and they suggested that I get an “OTP-token” instead, so that’s done :).. Yeay!

Got my ticket home and am on the bus later today at 7.30am… KL here I come!

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