Friday, February 05, 2010

In case you missed my blog entry at my Life’s Pages, you might like to know that Mama’s xray today showed no signs of lung cancer and brain tumor! Yeay!!

Of course the doctor will have to order an MRI to fully conclude this but initial findings showed that Mama might be home-free. Recovery will still be tedious especially since Abah plans to totally weaned Mama of the steroid which would means Mama would be tired and weak all the time. However, since it’s possibly the steroid that is making her ramble non-stop, we’re hoping that would improve as well.

Mama is currently being held for a two day observation at Damai Service Hospital. Good thing too as it is much more comfortable and away from the oncology ward that Mama is so scared off. She keeps saying she don’t want to hear about anything malignant. Not malignant Mesothelioma, not malignant anything. Poor dear!

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