Saturday, February 13, 2010

digi-logoI don’t use my mobile phone that often. In fact I use it more more like a camera and video recorder than a phone really. So I use a prepaid number so I can save on the monthly subscription. One thing that really irks me is when my airtime expired even though I still have like RM20 in my account because this means I am only limited to incoming calls and since I am one who likes to have everything in ready mode I always top up my account which means I would top up RM30 each time for another month validity. There was once instance I had like RM100 in my account!

Anyway, I recently found out a way I can have 356 days validity on my Digi prepaid card using either Super Long Life Option. Super Long Life™ is a feature where you can extend your talktime validity to 1 year for just RM30

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have more than RM35 in your prepaid account.
  2. Key in *128*1#
  3. Key in 7 for Talktime Services
  4. Select 3 for Super Long Life and Press [CALL]
  5. You will receive a confirmation SMS with your new credit balance
  6. The system would deduct RM30 from your account and extend your airtime validity to 365 days
  7. So from now you only need to topup whenever you feel you need the credit and not because your airtime expired.
  8. Each top up after this will expire based on the Super Long Life validity date

Update: *This feature is available for DiGi® Best Prepaid subscribers only. Check your plan by following these steps:

1. Dial *128*1#
2. Wait for the prompt and type 4 and Send
3. The system will reply with your Call plan
4. If you are not a DiGi® Best Prepaid subscriber, the system will prompt if you want to change your plan
5. Follow instructions

I love things that makes me worry less and contribute to an acnefree me!


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