Friday, February 19, 2010

I was researching best weight loss pills for who else but yours truly when I received an email from Bill about having emoticons on his blogs and about how he was not able to get his top commenter widget working on his blog.

I did a tutorial a while back on how to get emoticons/smileys on your blogspot blog but he was not able to get it installed on his blog. Just to remind everyone you need to have firefox running on your pc. This script has nothing to do with blogger but rather an addon to firefox browser. However, upon checking Bill’s blog, I noticed that my smileys were indeed missing from his”compose post” menu. Then I saw that Bill was using the “updated editor” as oppose to the old editor. I switched the editor back to the old one and I can now see my smileys again :).

Here’s how to change back to the old editor.

  1. Go to Settings>>Basic
  2. Scroll down till you see the Global settings. Make sure the “Old Editor” is selected and Save

* * *

Bill’s next issue was how to get his Monthly Top Commenter widget working on his JS-Kit enabled blog. Now the reason why I chose JS-Kit is because of it’s synchronizing feature with blogger commenting system which basically means, whatever comments you made on JS-Kit, that comment is copied to blogger comments. This also means in the event you decide that you want to revert back to blogger commenting system, you can do so easily and STILL retain ALL your comments :)

Now to make sure that synchronizing feature works for you, make sure, in your blogger commenting system, you DO NOT limit comments to Registered Users only. This is because the JSKit commenting system will over-ride whatever settings you have stated and still lets non-registered users comments. Now when that happens, it would register that user as the blog owner so although you see the different commenters in JSKit, in actual fact, the comments that is being copied over to blogger commenting system will show YOU as the commenter HENCE, the Top Commenter Widget (which has filtered your name out) would NEVER EVER show up as it only has you as the commenter! So once I changed the option “Only Registered Users” to “Anyone” can comment, Bill now has a working Monthly Top Commenter Widget!


First Two Commenter Gets FCSB Point from LadyJava.
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