Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We all love comments, be it on a weight loss pills post or a blogging tutorial post, but sometimes we get undesirable commenters that only comment to get backlink (especially if your blog is dofollow) and sometimes we get commenters who do nothing but send negative comments that simply spoils our day. We all understand that each of us have our own opinions and thoughts but leave constructive comments NOT abusive ones.

So with that in mind, most blog owners are resorting to moderation. As much as that helps, I feel it totally limits the interactiveness of the blog especially if it is a hot topic to discuss. By the time the blog owner actually moderates the comments on that post, the heated subject is already lukewarm.

For me, I’m combating the spam and negative comments too and I know these are comments most likely coming from first time commenters, Since I am using JS-Kit on my blogs, I’m using their moderation setting “Premoderation for new users” which means, for new commenters, their comments are on hold until I approve them and this would go on for 5 comments, which I think is great, because you never knew if they turn to trolls after the first comment! Lol!

Edited: I just realised that by doing this all my commenters are considered new by the system, to approve previous users, you can go to Moderation and scroll through your comments/commenters there, then you can Approve User and that would let their comments through!

What are you doing to combat spam and undesirable comments?


First Three Commenter Gets FCSB Point from LadyJava.
Thanks for all your comments
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