Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mama was discharged yesterday from the Damai Service Hospital.

They removed the monitoring system and the urine bag the night before and left the feeding tube as Mama is still unable to swallow food. The doctor is still prescribing her steroids as she is still very weak and hopes that with the steroids in place keeping her strong this weekend, we can pull out the feeding tube by Monday or Tuesday.

It was so disheartening to watch her yesterday. Although the doctors had said her tumor and cancer were gone, she is still so weak and unable to do the things that she was able to do a week ago. I also can’t bear to see the feeding tube sticking out from out of her nostril but it’s the best solution for her right now to keep her stomach full and her body strong.

We are at home now doing laundry and stuff today as the sisters are home with Abah. We will visit her today to see how her condition is just as soon as I check out the relacore reviews I’ve bookmarked yesterday ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!


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