Thursday, February 25, 2010

I’ve always been a peace loving person. I enjoy my peace and harmony. I try as much as possible to not be judgmental of other people and accept people as they are. I don’t let other people’s dispute bother me especially if it doesn’t involve me BUT if someone invade my personal place, invade my peace and invade my harmony, well, that is another thing altogether.

So here’s the bottomline…

Dear Mr David Lucas..

I have reconfirmed from my JS counterpart that they do not show any ads prior to any commenting box opening as seen on the screen shot below. The reason why I specified commenters must login before commenting is because I ONLY WANT SINCERE COMMENTERS WHO HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. I appreciate commenters so I visit my commenters in return and if you would rather be anonymous. please excuse yourself from my blogs because I do not want you here or any of my blogs for that matter.

Having said that, I do not appreciate you linking to my blog with an issue you have with any program. Address it with the program themselves and do not use my blog as an example.

This is not the first time you have cited my blog as a “bad” blog. I kept quiet the first time as, like I say, I am a very patient person, however this time I need to take action. I don’t know what you have against my blog(s) but you definitely have an agenda. I’m not sure if I should feel offended or flattered that you seemed to ALWAYS visit me and feel the need to scrutinize my blog for flaws. As I see it, if I find problems with a certain blog or blogger, I just stay away, much like I stay away from you and your blog. However much to my dismay, I keep getting alert on Google that you have again and again been compelled to write something nasty about me and my blog(s). If you have a problem with my blog wouldn’t it be better to write to me and offer constructive criticism as oppose to bombarding me at your blog. I understand it might bring you traffic perhaps but at whose expense?

That being said, I seriously am not interested nor do I need to know the reason why that is so. I have so many other things to do and keep myself busy … so…here’s my plea…

Kindly stay away from my blog(s). I do not want you visiting my blogs, commenting at my blogs or writing about my blog(s) at your site. Do not follow me on Twitter because I will block you. Do not follow me on my blogs because I will block you there too.. Do not link to my blog because I want nothing to be referenced back to me from you or yours.

If you choose to ignore this plea, I will track down your IP and published it permanently on my sidebar. Any consequences officially or unofficially inflicted upon you or your blog is not my problem.

Have a nice life..

The LadyJava

This is a response to this attack

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