Saturday, March 06, 2010

My new glasses are killing me I tell you. Why?

Because…whenever I take off my glasses, I can literally see the red and painful indentation on the side of my nose where the glasses were resting on.

The frame itself is not heavy but my new prescription is now 900 plus degrees per eye and because I’m using glass lenses instead of plastic ones (which would make it way lighter but thicker), the whole weight of the glasses is resting on my nose and causing grief to it.

lasik surgerySo this weekend me and my A were talking about me going for Lasik surgery. I’m not sure if it would be able to correct my vision totally but even if it can reduce my prescription, I’m way happy. However, prices are steep both in Singapore and Malaysia and I can’t really decide where I would rather have the surgery at. I was hoping my medisave account in Singapore would cover part of cost but they won’t pay for “cosmetic” Lasik though I consider mine a total necessity! It’s not like I can live without my glasses!

Anyone has any experience with Lasik? Any recommendations?


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