Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Social NetworkOn my wishlist now is a brand new phone. It seems like only yesterday I bought Miss VB but in actual fact, I’ve owned her for two years this July. She’s did get “sick” late last year but after sending her for repair, she’s as good as new. However, now I want to own a phone that has wifi features so I can be online even when I’m not in front of my pc. I’m so envious of people who are able to twitter online, check their FB account and now that this blog has a mobile version, I want to be able to view my blog on my mobile phone too even when I’m not at home!

Now, if I was in living in the States, I could have gone to check out for promo codes at Savings for some Verizon Wireless coupons or even Chegg coupon codes while I’m there, and potentially get discounts on my new phone and get some books in the process.. however, I’m not in the States so I reckon I got to wait for some mobile handphone sales to happen soon before getting one.

By the time that happens though, I may already be broke and that mobile phone could just be a mobile dream for me.. Sigh!!


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