Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do we punish someone for making a mistake when they are young, ambitious and eager to have what life have to offer? I think not. All of us makes mistake in our life at one point of another and just like you and me, a young impetuous young man I know, made a very grave error in judgment when he was 22.

He just got a high paying job, somehow managed to secure a few credits and decided that he wanted to spend his hard earned money on things that he didn’t have before. He splurged, running over his credit limit most times but because he had a secure job that didn’t worry him and it didn’t worry the credit card company either.

falling-moneyThen one day, he did something that caused him to lose this high paying secure employment. With no job, a big balance on the credit card and a huge personal loan, he was turned a bankrupt within a year.

Do we blame him for spending over this head? We’ve done it too so who are we to judge?  However he found a new job and  he worked hard. He was able to pay off his debt and got his credit repair and  fix credit done. It didn’t take him overnight but he did it.

He learned his lesson and he turned that negative time into something more positive.  It wasn’t a great moment for him but now he is a better man because of it. Now that is the moral of the story :)


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