Sunday, March 21, 2010

strong wing

Strong Winds Can Make You Fly

The thing about old home is that it need lots of maintenance and with that in mind it is always good to have a good home insurance coverage.

One example is my home is Singapore. Even though my mom has only been living there for 10years, the actual age of the building is way more than that. Since the “actual” landlord is the housing development board in Singapore, who does a great job of maintaining the building,we don’t really have to worry about those issues.

However, inside the apartment is an altogether different matter. There was one instance when our neighbour downstairs complaint that our floor was leaking and that whenever my mom washes the kitchen floor, his whole kitchen gets flooded too! It seems both of us got to fork out the money to do the repairs as that was not covered by the HDB.  So definitely policies that are provided by say New York Home Insurance for instance, come in handy as such times!

You know it is a good thing that my mom stays in an apartment. At least I don’t have to worry about roof flying off in a strong winds, like what happened to my blog buddy, Emila, otherwise, I would really have to find out more about home insurance at the Insurance Information Institute! Poor Emila, those repairs would have cost her a bundle!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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