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According to Wikipedia here and here:  :

“In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Trolls can be costly in several ways. A troll will disrupt the discussion on a newsgroup, disseminate bad advice, and damage the feeling of trust in the newsgroup community.”

In my opinion, they are just lonely angry people who don’t have any social skills whatsoever in making “real friends”. For those of you who are used to engaging in Forum Discussions, Trolls are a common scene where they usually wreck havoc just for the fun of it. Most likely the “infected thread” (yup they’re like a disease, a PLAGUE that will cause much pain and anger to everyone involved in that particular thread) will be closed by the Forum Admin, hence preventing further discussions and information on the discussed topic. BUMMER! And just like a plague they now have evolved and have migrated from message boards and chatrooms into the blogging world.

Like Wikipedia’s description above, these PATHETIC lonely attention-seeking losers will continue to wreck havoc and disrupt peace by using all the methods described above.  Sometimes they also go by being some sort of an “Online Police” and try to enforce certain rules or standards that they only see fit. It really isn’t all that bad if they really have valid knowledge on the topic and sincerely wants to share it. But, like the saying goes “It’s not what you say BUT It’s HOW you say it”.


Don't Give them Food

So most trolls are just void of the wisdom and basic commonsense in making friends. They are just that. “Minions” of the devil that their main agenda is to take delight in causing trouble. These trolls feed off the reactions of their victims. They are not really interested in cultivating genuine friendship. AND if you do hand them your friendship, rest assured that you WILL be screwed somehow as they are like a “clever spider, slowly befriending you, slowly penetrating and gaining your trust.  Giving you some “link love” and when you least expect it they’re gonna STRIKE! take all, and say goodbye! “

Such action to sugarcoat their evilness  and such wickedness as well! Malice to the core. Traits of the Anti-Christ!

Blogging is a form of “Freedom Of Expression” and “Accountability”. You should, by all means have fun blogging and godwilling make a few bucks here and there, but not at the expense of others. More importantly so, it is about oneself and it is PERSONAL – and I emphasize the word PERSONAL. It is your very own virtual realm and similarly offline, one is free to choose who one wishes to associate themselves with. Call it comradeship if you like, I prefer to call it basic social skills or “Human Resource 101”. Back to basics eh?



As we blog and build friendships, it is a form of a good deed where we bridge the gap of our physical and spiritual differences beyond the boundaries of race and religion. Ideally, by nurturing humanity, kindness and compassion, we can become friends regardless of skin color. I am extremely happy to say that most of my online friendship have blossomed nicely. The miracle of the internet binds people together. And people are people. Basically, you make friends by being nice to others and treat others as you would like to be treated.  Would you consider someone a friend, who, out of the blue criticize you without a valid reason and do not even allow you to defend yourself? Someone who passes judgment that your blog should be so and so and might be better off in some other platform instead…bla..bla..bla. Worst still,  if you didn’t even ask them for their opinion in the first place. Such immature and tyrany display of character does not fall in the catogory of friends in my book.

If you had read my post here, I recently had an experience with a troll. I politely requested that the troll not come and visit and comment on my blogs ever again and rain hell on me for a program that did not work on his pc and which he suggested might be a virus  instead. I explained in the post and his response was a post at his site saying that he dare not visit my blogs again. I was relieved but it was shortlived as the troll kept coming back and even wanted to advertise on my EC widget. Malays have a saying  “Takkan ludah di jilat semula?” that literally means – “Would you lick back your saliva after you’ve spit?”. And also “Hidung tak mancung, pipi terserong-serong” which loosely translated to “one who possesses no shame nor dignity by shoving his nose where he is not welcomed.

Now this troll has taken another shot in the dark at me and my BFF. He now claims that we are an exclusive clique and are dishonest.

Exclusive cliques, maybe, but dishonest ?? Let me just say this. YES! We are an exclusive clique but with an open and free registration membership for all sundry. Anybody is welcome to join in the clique. EXCLUSIVE because the friendship is GENUINE and REAL. EXCLUSIVE because we treat each other civilly. EXCLUSIVE because we do not go out and launch a guerrilla attack on others. And you know what? Other people do that too you know, they form friendship, alliances and yes cliques too. What planet are you living on? Ur-anus?

He claimed Dishonesty

  • Because the same people kept getting “recognition status” from my site as top commentors
  • because he was excluded in my BFF “Top Dropper” list.

Shoo Shoo! Go Away

Hello… Err…Even you yourself declared in your post and in your own words – that you dare not visit my site again. And than you kept coming back and now bitching and moaning about not being included in the “Top Dropper List”. What sort of a low-life form are you? Have you no intellect at all? Ah of course not, he is a TROLL beyond redemption. Shooh Go Away Already. Pest!.

Another Malay saying – “Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas” Translated as “Whoever consumes chili will feel it’s heat!”.

Nuff said! Moving on now.

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It has come to my knowledge that the TROLL has changed his original slanderous post to a  seemingly less harmless one. So I am publishing his original and edited post for your viewing pleasure. Shall we laugh?

The Original Slanderous Post

The Edited "Harmless" Post


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