Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Azwaj's Plumbing Toolbox

I mentioned a few times in my blogs how Azwaj is quite the handyman. In fact he has a few toolbox that is “specialized” for certain work that will contain tools for specific work. For instance, this one that I’m showing only have tools for plumbing work. He has one for his electrical work and another one for all his Power drills.

Azwaj loves doing the work on his own as oppose to calling someone to do it (unless of course the job requires special skill or tools that he does not have)… and I love it because I know he would do the best job he can.

It really is wonderful to have your own handyman in the house. Firstly we save money as handyman can fees can go very high especially if you call him after hours and secondly I don’t have to wait for the handyman to come as mine is live-in.. lol!


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