Saturday, April 03, 2010

Stay Young

I always say that I got hardy skin. I don’t get rashes.  I don’t acne and a little dirt won’t hurt me.  However Azwaj is an altogether different story. For instance, he is highly allergic to rubber, as in the rubber on his watch, the rubber on his shorts and even the rubber on band-aid. You see, the band-aid would cause more harm than do him good as the surrounding area of the wound would get even more infected than the wound itself.

The onset of this didn’t start until he was in his early twenties. Lucky for him, he was not the kind that would get a tattoo or anything like that otherwise to get it removed now would not only be torturous for him but I bet it would even kill him. I mean there are good places like Laser Tattoo Removal Los Angeles but with his highly sensitive skin, it could be very dangerous for sure.

All this talk About Dermatology, sets me thinking about my own skin. Like I say my skin is very durable but that does not mean I don’t have to take care of it. I got very dry skin and from what I heard of it, it can cause wrinkles. That is why I always make sure my skin is hydrated.. or at least I try to by applying lotion and moisturizer whenever I do remember. Since fruit and veggies is not always high on my diet, I reckon one day I may even need to go need to get treatment like Restylane Injections Los Angeles to get my youthful glow again… Well.. at least there are still options right!


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