Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sexy Eh?

I had a scary dream yesterday. I dreamed that I had gained so much weight that ALL my clothes did not fit anymore and I actually woke up crying! lol! Like I said.. SCARY…

However, nowadays being a plus size woman does not mean you can’t be stylish and beautiful too. Besides, a little flesh on you can actually make you look sexy.. lol.. There are now a lot of boutiques that cater to the plus size woman. Believe me when I say some of these plus size womens clothing are really very nice. Having said that, if you are a plus size woman who is targeting to hit the gym and get a little bit flesh off, there are now awesome looking plus size workout clothes that you can wear so that you can still feel sexy just like those already slim woman who seemed to think they own the gym. Check out these plus size yoga clothes too. They are totally cool that even I feel like exercising when I saw them.

Anyway, I did stop crying and check the mirror immediately and am glad to say that I have not gained that much weight. Phew! Now if only I can dream I lose weight.. that would be cause for joy!


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