Thursday, April 15, 2010

OMG it’s Friday already? Has it really been a week since Mama’s passing? We’ve been going around like a zombie here with our routine. Mornings it’s off to the cemetery, then we stay with Abah till about 4pm. Then we come home to check on the fur-kids and catch a short nap. Evenings, we visit Abah again with dinner and stay with him till 10pm thereabout. By the time I come home, there’s just enough time for me to do my adgi rounds nothing else before I’m dead tired and HAVE to go to sleep. It’s the same for my SIL too. Lucky for her, her kids are preoccupied with their wii and their wii accessories that they brought over to my FIL’s place.

Ok.. off now to visit FIL and the cementery. Hopefully I can stay awake tonight and do some work..


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