Friday, May 28, 2010

I just finished preparing spaghetti sauce for Azwaj dearest so that he can reheat them in my one week absence. He tends to get very lazy to eat when I’m not around and this would make sure he has something on standby at home whenever he does feels like eating.

Though at first this trip was not planned, I’m beginning to think it is a great idea now as it also coincide with my high school reunion. I’ve been busy on facebook checking to see who’s going and I must say I’m getting excited to meet my former schoolmates that I’ve not not seen for over two decades! I understand some of them has children who are already in their twenties.. OMG! Talk about being old! lol!

I still need to pack my bag but not before checking out some Novelties items for a client of mine. She is preparing for her own company’s official opening in August and need some promotional items ideas to make sure that her guest have something to remember the night by. I read here that door gifts always makes an impression and the more unique it is, the better for the guest and the value of promo gifts here should never be underestimated. I know I value doorgifts and most other people do too.

vesak day

So, that being said, before I pack and take some time to prepare for my trip, I take this opportunity to wish my readers who celebrates Vesak Day, a happy and joyous celebration for you and your loved ones!

Happy long weekend everyone!


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