Saturday, June 05, 2010

It’s official! My diet is so unhealthy that I should be dead right now! LOL!

I was over at blogthings today and found this test and after picking and choosing the answers that rightly describe how I eat, I’m told that I am only16% healthy and it’s a wonder that I’m still alive, kicking and having fun.. lol! I guess I wont’ need that Phentermine 37.5 eh?

You Are 16% Healthy

Your diet is freakishly unhealthy. It’s amazing you’re still alive!Stop subsisting on white bread and candy – and consider eating a vegetable once and a while.

A salad never killed anyone, but using a donut as a hamburger bun sure did!

How Healthy Is Your Diet? Find out today and share with me ya.. make me feel better by being less healthy than me ok.. heheh


First Two Commenter Gets FCSB Point from LadyJava.
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