Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One of my most hated subjects in school was Statistics. I hated the graphs, I hated the charts and most of all I hated the interviewing of people to get the statistics. Yeap my teacher made us do that to get a good idea of what it all means, or so she said.

Anyway, all that is in the past and as I grew up, started living in the real world, I found out how important Statistics are. Oh how I wish teachers and Statistics tutor took the time to explain why it is that we were studying such topics. Statistics problems would have been more fun to solved if they make it relate to our daily lives for sure. Back then, even with a tutor, the subject was torture!

Nowadays, fortunately, it is easy to get help from from TutorVista  if you have a  Statistics questions. The site even comes with free Statistics help from qualified tutors for students ranging from K-12, back to school and college goers. So take advantage of this site if you will because… Statistics are important. You’ll thanked me when you have your own blog.. lol!


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