Saturday, July 03, 2010

Babies, babies. From human babies to animals babies, I’m surrounded by babies everywhere. Don’t believe me? Well, A’s friend just gave birth, my neighbour just returned yesterday from the hospital with a baby in her arms and there’s two baby kittens in front of my door! What more proof do you need? lol! Are the Gods telling me something.. hahah…

Anyway, check out this cute baby products that I found online while googling something totally unrelated to babies..

This baby walker is the cutest I’ve seen so far. Remember my princess post, well you daughters can start extremely young now.. hehe!

Here’s the stroller for all mom-joggers. Having no babysitter does not mean you can’t go jogging. Bring your kid along on your jog with this beautiful stroller. I love the pink inside!

And finally though definitely not least, how about a full featured stroller for any situation. Sun? Rain? No problems. This particular model even has Sun and Bug Shield!

Have a great weekend all!



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