Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who does not like Freebies?

Be it Free Samples or Free Stuff, I love to get my hands on them even if I don’t have a need or use for them. Call it the “kiasu” in me. Hey, I’m allowed. I’m Singaporean. Lol!

I found a website recently that seems to offer lots of free offers. Unfortunately most of the coupons and offers there are not available for my county and I keep getting that same message over and over again. I am frustrated to say to least as there were lots of offers that I was really interested in. There were free offers for chocolates, free samples for pet products, slimming products and even beauty products. How awesome is that?

Anyway do check Freebie Source dot com out if you are in the States. Who knows you might qualify and be enjoying free stuff soon. Good Luck and enjoy!


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