Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I’ve recently decided to pop out my main email account to my Microsoft Outlook and after several hours of popping out. I can safely say, all my emails are now intact and safe and sound in my hard drive.

So there I was tweaking and customizing with rules (making sure that emails containing keywords such as slimming pills that work are highlighted) and what not on my outlook, when it suddenly occurred to me if there would be a plugin or an add-on out there for me to access twitter in outlook. So once again, I did my fingers go the walking and I found one fantastic plugin. It’s called Twinbox and it’s awesome. All you need to do is …

1. Download the file

2. Install the file but not before making sure your outlook application is closed off first

3. Reopened Microsoft Outlook and you will see a toolbar right on top as shown. You can easily customize this toolbar too.

4. Once you add all your twitter accounts, you will see a directory just like shown on the picture as well.

5. That’s it!


FYI: This plugin would not work with Outlook Express.

PS: More blogging tutorial from me…

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