Saturday, July 10, 2010

When we moved from Ampang to Kelang in 2004, we hired an official moving companies. We didn’t know what to expect actually because this was the first time either me or Azwaj hired one. When the “truck” came that Monday, we had a surprised of our lives, as the “truck” that came was a “container” and what was more surprising was that we actually filled it up with our stuff, though of course Azwaj’s motorbike went on as well. lol! However, the moving companies did an awesome job of packaging everything and we were happy that all belongings arrived safe and sound at our new home.

After that exercise, we sort of talked about it and wondered how our move would be if we ever decide to move out of Malaysia,  like perhaps if we decide moving to California for a change of scenery instead? OMG! I don’t even want to think about how many containers we would need to move all of our beginnings even though it is just the two of us. I think the California Moving Companies would definitely be able to handle it but will surely have to charge us a hand and a foot for the move and the California Moverswould surely wished they didn’t take out orders! lol!

Anyway, am not planning to move anytime soon. We are both happy where we are unless of course we win the lottery and buy our own house with an indoor swimming pool.. ahahah


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