Friday, July 02, 2010

It’s been 4 years now since my permanent residence application and the last time I heard from the immigration department was when I called in 2008 and they told me to call in 2years time! It utterly rendered me speechless!

So I decided to call them today and though they didn’t tell me to call back in another two years, they asked me a lot of questions on how long I’ve applied etc,  and at the end of the conversation, the officer told me to check online instead to see the status of my application. I immediately went to their site which has terrible navigation. I think it would be easier to apply for insurance for business in Hawaii! After locating the link and entering my reference number, I was once again utterly speechless. Suffice to say, I’m still waiting :(

Sometimes I wish I don’t care but I do. Why? Well, because firstly, I like to feel that I somehow belong in this country I call home. Secondly, as I get older and probably my medical need would increase, I need that blue identification card to get “resident” fee as and when I need medical care. I mean, if I was working here in Malaysia right now, I wouldn’t even qualify for the company’s rates for group health or these providers of group health would probably charge the company a hand and a foot to get me included, simply because I have a Singapore identification card.

As for my Singapore “Medisave” account, though I have funds there, I can only use it if I was hospitalized in Singapore hospitalized. Sucks? You betcha!


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