Thursday, August 12, 2010

When I moved from Singapore to Malaysia, I didn’t’ bring a lot of stuff. No furniture and definitely no major appliances like the fridge or washing machine. In fact the only things that I brought with me were my clothing, some books and some personal stuff. The reason was because Azwaj already have a home with all the necessary stuff and it doesn’t make sense to bring anything from Singapore. So my move was done in three trips using Azwaj’s car. Now if the case had been different, for example, if my mom had come along during my move to Malaysia ten years ago, I probably need to get a professional mover simply because she has lots more stuff than me, from her own clothing to her pots and pans, we probably need a big trailer to haul all of them to Malaysia. lol!

Lucky for me, moving to Malaysia didn’t need a lot of adjusting to (or so I thought). I mean we pretty much have the same climate. We speak the same Malay language though that would have been different if I had married someone living in further up north or the east coast. However, can you believe I was actually in culture shock for the first year of marriage. Everything was different. The mentality of the people, the way they behave, even some words that I was so used to using seems so foreign in this land. I needed to seriously adjust. Fortunately, Azwaj was always with me so I managed to cope and pretty soon got used to the lifestyle.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to totally move to a really foreign country, like the States for instance. I’ve never been there hence the word “foreign”.. lol! Like, I have this online friend who fell in love with someone from Tuscon and have plans moving to Arizona after they get married. I reckon, there would be tons of concerns on her mind and among them would be on the move itself, like how she would need to consider to hire Tucson moving services or use local Phoenix movers for example. Oh well, I have just the website for her to check out.

Moving to another country is always scary. New rules, new people, new culture, but in at the end of the day, I always say.. what does not kill you only make you stronger.


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