Saturday, September 11, 2010

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and wonder what on earth was going on in your head when you bought a specific piece of clothing? I know I am not an exception but rather the norm when I say this right? Sometimes I think it’s impulse buying but most time I think I was just crazy. Lol! But you know what, looking at this guide for the The Complete Women’s Wardrobe, I think I can pretty much say I did very well for my wardrobe collection. I have most of the items here and all my bases are covered. The only pieces of clothing that are missing would be theƂ  jeans (I can’t fit into my Versace any more) and the mini skirts (those cellulite can be brutal!)

The Complete Wardrobe For Women

The Complete Wardrobe For Women

Anyway, I just found that I am considered Petite in the US world because I am 5’4 and shorter so I am supposed to wear high heels and anything that elongates my torso area. In my part of the world, I can almost see everyone’s head when I’m in the elevator.. lol!


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