Friday, September 17, 2010

living room with fanI’m not a fan of extreme weather. I don’t like when it gets too hot or when it’s too cold as both extreme condition can trigger off my asthma. Anyone who has asthma would tell you to avoid any of your triggers but in my case sometimes it’s just not possible.

That is why we have both Ceiling Fans and airconditioning at our house. So when it’s too hot, we switch on the aircon but when it’s too cold yet a little stuffy because all the windows are closed, we switch on one of the Ceiling Fan that we have at either the home office or the living room to give us ventilation.

Speaking of ceiling fan, it is important to choose one that is hardy and reliable. I remember some time back when my mother was taking a nap in the living room and she was awaken by a loud smash. Apparently one of the blade from the ceiling fan have dropped off and hit the coffee table. Luckily no one was hurt but after that my mom took extra precaution when buying the next set. Places like Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans not only make beautiful ceiling fans at an economical prices for their customer, they also ensure that each ceiling fan is safe and perform up to their standards.

Our fan now sort of wobble a bit when it goes on high speed but because we hardly ever use that speed, we reckon it should be ok though if necessary we most definitely would replace it in the near future.


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