Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HalloweenI remember our Halloween party so vividly. How we would dress up and dance the night away in the costume that we choose for the evening. Ah the good old days. Sometime I really do miss working out in the “real” world.. lol!

When I was an executive assistant, one of my duties was to organize such events and often, it can be quite a challenge to keep each event fresh each year. Our team has to think of ways to make the annual event fun and different so that people won’t consider our parties a bore and predictable.  Although I don’t organise or go to any more Halloween party, I am nonetheless quite excited to be asked to review the Halloween Party Games Pack. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly greated by not 1o, not 20 but 50 fun printable enjoyable games that can be used at any Halloween party. After downloading all the printable games , I must say, no party would ever be boring again. The games are not only meant for kids but there are games for adults too like the “Newly Weds Question Games” and the “Harvest Goddess Left-Right Game’  which have participants passing a gift from left to right depending on the narration of a story. I can just imagine the confusion and chaotic-ness  of it all.. lol!

If you want to try to see what I’m talking about, why not check their FREE Halloween coloring pages/$5 coupon and see how much fun your kids can have at your own Halloween party.  Yes, it’s totally free and you can print out as many you like. Enjoy!


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