Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beginning

When I first started blogging, my hosting, much like a lot of you was on the free blogspot domain. Having no experience whatsoever with the blogging world, it was terrifying yet exciting to say the least. It was a challenge and nothing was making me losing weight fast than to have the stress of looking for awesome looking templates and deciding what to name my blog was already proving a headache. I keep changing titles and finally settled with LadyJava’s Lounge after consulting with Azwaj for the umpteenth time.

Then after about a few months blogging, I decided that I wanted a domain name of my own. I wanted ladyjava dot com but was so disappointed to find that address was no longer available and even more so upset when I noticed it was just a parked domain!

Anyway, at that time I was not doing paid blogging so didn’t have any inkling on what it means to have niche blogs ( I also wanted to save money). I decided that I would have one domain and then add on subdomain should I decide to have more blogs later. After again consulting with Azwaj, we decided that Java Aura was a great name but since there were two “A” there, we decided to merge it and hence JAVAURA dot com was born.

Now since I planned to have one more blog at least about my kitties, I created a subdomain “ladyjava” for my personal blog. Then I thought I would add cats, food and so on but all as subdomain address… and thus ladyjava.javaura.com was born :)

The Realization

Then I started to pay attention to SEO and also started to dabble with paid blogging and realized that in order to be ranked properly in terms of Google search and Page Rank, it would better if I have niche blogs and a separate domain for each of them. I also realized that advertisers much prefer the root domain as opposed to subdomain.

That being said, after about three years of blogging with this subdomain at LJL, please say hello now to LadyJava’s Lounge publishing as http://javaura.com!

I would be grateful if you, my readers, can start accessing this blog using the new url and if you can also change your blogroll to reflect the changes.

Thanks so much!!!


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