Saturday, September 25, 2010

body oilIt’s now 1.35am and I should really be sleeping as we have an early morning tomorrow. We need to be up and out and back home again by 10am in time for the Unifi people to come and install my 10mbps internet connection. Yihaa!

But wait, it’s the weekend which means it’s time for my ritual lathering of perfumed body oil on both my arms and my legs. I try to make it a habit as I always tend to ignore the little things that my body so needed. So whenever possible, I will get  Azwaj to apply some body oil on my back and whichever area that I can’t reach too ;) . I love the effect it has on my body in the morning. My skin would glisten from the oil and the scent would seems somehow have been absorbed by my body through the night leaving me smelling all heavenly. lol!

So that being said, I now bid you goodnight as I can see Azwaj reaching for the body oils already! heheh… Have a great Sunday all!


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