Friday, October 15, 2010


Rest In Peace Mama

When my late mother-in-law contracted cancer and eventually became bed-ridden during the last few months of her life, my father-in-law, tried as much as possible to make her very comfortable. He bought her a wheelchair, got her one of those hospital beds, a privacy screen so that we could change her in private when she had guests and even a machine that sucks out the phlegm/liquid from her lungs so she can breath easy. All those equipments were really pricey but for Mama’s comfort, Abah didn’t bat an eyelid. I think that if Mama suffered from a heart condition, Abah would have even gotten her one of those  ecg machines as well.

It’s now six months already since her passing. Abah has not stopped visiting her grave and has not missed out a day of sending her prayers. We all miss her. Rest in Peace Mama…

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