Sunday, October 17, 2010

One of the conversations that I always have with my mom is about when she would ultimately live here with me in Kuala Lumpur. I know that she is hesitant because she would lose all her independence and that is something that she is used to. I have a feeling that she’s afraid that she too would be bored out of her mind staying here with me. I mean two weeks of relaxing is alright but to forever with “resting” I know I would go crazy too. As such I never really pester her to move here. The ball is totally in her court and the door is always open. I even got a spare room here all prepared for her and she can stay here for as long or as short a time she likes.

So for now I am content to have her spending some time here with us. I’m even thinking of getting perhaps some kind of cheap webcams so that she can go on skype and chat with someone that is very dear to her overseas. If only I was in the States, those coupons for Home Depot would surely come handy for me to get some Savings. lol!

Oh well, time to go shopping and who does not love shopping?

Happy Sunday all!


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