Saturday, November 13, 2010

I didn’t know much when I first started blogging. All I knew was I wanted to blog and the easiest platform to start blogging on was on blogger dot com… plus it was free so that pretty much sealed the deal. Then the blogging got addictive. From one blog I suddenly had two and three and till now the final number (I think) at last count was nine. Not all my blogs are up to date though. I try to update as much as possible but sometimes blogging all the time is tiring and all I want to do is NOT blog.. lol!..

bloggingThat is one of the reason why I moved to WordPress. I needed a new a challenge. I wanted to see what WordPress offered as a blogging platform. However to do that, I needed my own hosting. So I went around to web hosting reviews site to look for any web hosting provider reviews. I thank GOD I found WebHostingRating dot com. At the site I not only found recommendations for best web hosting but I also found fantastic articles that give me advice on what to avoid before getting web hosting. For example, some of us might be tempted to get cheap hosting just because it’s cheap when in reality sometimes cheap does not always means it’s good. We must instead focus on the reliability of the hosting company itself in terms of customer support, downtime and security. I also found out what the difference is between windows and linux hosting packages for example. The site also offers tips and techniques on how to optimize your hosting like ways to use web site analytics for more traffic and how to boost your search engine traffic.

I am happy with my current hosting now for sure as I am happy blogging with WordPress. Having said that I am also happy with blogger dot com too and in fact still uses it for two of my blogs. In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you blog, as long as you enjoy blogging and know how to keep it fun, non-tiring and challenging :)

Happy blogging!



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