Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Before I proceed to start cleaning my ceiling fans , I just wanted to let you guys know of an email I got yesterday and what looks like a potential phishing attempt on my paypal account. I received three similar emails all saying that someone has paid me USD8 to an email account that is registered to me. The email says for me to register a paypal account to that email address or if I already had a paypal account to add that email address to my existing paypal account.

I would think anyone would be tempted to receive such payment but PLEASE do not act on this email. Although the email looks legit and points to the paypal site, I believe there is a way for this people to get access to your account after you act on this email. So don’t be greedy and lose all your money for a meagre USD24 ok :)

paypal phishing

The Phishing Email

Better be safe then sorry ya :)


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